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Give aways, Gifts, Premiums, Clothes, Custom Made, Prototypes, Living.

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Online shops, Branding, CMT/Design, Fulfilment Programmes, Importer, Advisor

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Deep stock levels, huge range, infinite possibilities.

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“Because you’re so super friendly have a great product knowledge, get exactly what the customer wants correctly and have a very professional approach to all things big or small” Regards, Ashley

“I would say the way you deliver your service, your positive attitude of finding ways to help … you make my life easier … in short!” Regards, Annette

“Mainly pricing and quality of service J” Kind Regards, Melinda

“Hi Di Why do I buy from you .......in a nutshell ..... 1.You go the extra mile to find what I want 2.You recommend other options that may be better or cheaper 3.You keep in touch 4.You're quick to respond 5.You have a good idea of what I like 6.Nothing seems to be much trouble - you provide seemingly effortless service” Mari